Jasmine & Jack Cheat >:)

It’s Not The Best Cheat In The World, But It WORKS! 😀

Ever Played Jasmine & Jack  Because Of WeatherBy’s Challenges, But It’s Taking You FOREVER To Rack Up Enough Points For You To Complete The Challenge?

Well Here’s A Cheat That Will Help You Earn Points FASTER!
And Yes I Thought Of It Myself, Aww I’m So Proud Of Me xDD

Ok So You Know How You Get A “Time Bonus” (Idk Why They Call It That Even Though It Gives You Points, Not Extra Time) If You Finish A Level Fast ? Well If You Click The Button On Your Key Board That Says “Prt Sc SysRq” (Some Computers Have It, While Others Don’t) Pause The Game (By Clicking  The Music & Options Button) Then Click Start And Go To Paint And Then When Your There Look At The Picture And Circle All Of The Differences And Then Go Back To The Game And Click On All The Differences You Get A “Time Bonus”!(That Is Of Course Only If You Move Quickly).Yay For You! (:

Woot Woot For Cheats!



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