Q&A About The Ourworld Helpers Program

See The Little Smiley Icon?

That’s The Icon You Get If

You Become An

OurWorld Helper.

Q:What Do Helpers Do?

A:They Help People Around Ourworld With General Stuff Like How To Turn The Sound Off Of Their Account,How To Enter A Contest,Etc.

Q:Will I Get Anything For Becoming A Helper?

A:No,But They Do Gain Access To Exclusive OurWorld Forms

Q:Are There Any Qualifications I Need To Become One?

A:Yes.Read The Qualifications Below.

#1.You MUST Either Be A Current Of Former Resident

#2.You Have To Be Atleast Level 40

#3.You Must Be 13 Or Older

Q:How Do I Sign Up To Be An Ourworld Helper?

A:(Read The Directions Below)

#1.Click On The Box That Says “Account” At The Top Of Your Screen

#2.Click On The Box That Says “Help”

#3.Click On The Little Black Button With The ? In It By Live Help

#4.Click On The Button At The Bottom Of The Page

Q.How Do I Answer A Help Call

A:Next To Your Smiley Face Icon(The One On The Side Of Your Screen,Not The One By Your Avatar)Should Turn Purple And Have An Exclamation Point Next To It.You Just Simply Click On The Exclamation Point And Click “Travel To Them & Help”.(But Sometimes Someone May Get There Before You Do,So You Must Act Fast)

Q:How Do I Turn On My Help Alerts?

A:You Must Click On The Smile Icon On The Side Of Your Screen And Click “Turn On Helper Alerts”

If You Guys Have Any Ourworld-Related Questions.Please Feel Free To Ask Me Them In The Comment Section And I Will Answer Them In The Next Q&A. (:

See Ya Around OurWorld! ^_^


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